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Office of the Controller General of Defence Accounts, 
Ulan Batar Road, Palam, Delhi Cantt-110010


dated:- 15/09/2011
Sub:- Requirement of LTC-80 Certificate

   It has come to the notice of the HQrs office that some audit offices under the jurisdiction of PCsDA/CsDA are insisting on the requirement of LTC-80 certificate when the Air entitled officials are paying airfare for traveling on LTC in Air India which happens to be less than the LTC-80 fares.
   The matter has been examined in the HQrs office and it is stated that requirement of LTC-80 certificate may not be insisted upon. The LTC fares are promulgated on official Air India Website periodically and the same can be downloaded through URL to deal with such  cases. The recent fare revision for LTC is updated on 01st Sept’ 2011.
   The onus lies with the audit authorities to keep the LTC rates updated which is revised from time to time by Air India authorities and make payments accordingly.
(A.K Sethi)

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LTC80 Fare List: Updated July 2011 List published by Air India

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Air india Domestic Fares(Apex & Immediate Purchase Fares)
1 Flight Routing
a) D – Direct Flight to Destination without any stop.
b) V – Via Flight to Destination without any change of aircraft but with a stop.
c) C – Flight to destination with a change of aircraft at a transit point. Stop-over permitted at the transit point (Refer Table V on Link Fares)
d) B* & Y* Passengers Purchasing tickets under B &Y fare basis permitted to travel in Executive class under ZSPL &DSPL fare basis. Bookings to be effected in Z & D RBD respectively. Offer valid for travel till 15th September, 2011
2 a) EAP30 & SAP 7 Fare Levels are Advance Purchase Fares which are available for sale
upto 30 days, & 7 days in advance before schedule date of deaparture of the flight. EAIP14, SAIP5 & TAIP3 Fares are Advance Purchase fares which may be available till D-0
b) Fares under RBD U on select flights available under different fare basis depending on the schedule time of departure.
c) Reference Short Term Promotional fares under Table III : For Economy Class Travel
UEIP/LEIP1/UEIP1/ED!/ TD1/SD1 fares are instant purchase fares while ED7 & ED14 /SAIP5/TAIP3 are Advance Purchase fares
3 Taxes, Fee & Charges
In addition to the above fares Passenger Service fee, Airport Development Fee (wherever applicable) and Service Tax would be applicable.
a) Passenger Service fee is Rs. 229 except (a) Ex Jammu,Srinagar Leh where it is 207 & (b) ex Bangalore, Hyderabad & Kochi it is 221/-
b) Airport tax (UDF) ex Hyderabad Rs. 475, Bangalore Rs. 260, Jaipur Rs. 150,
Amritsar Rs. 150, Trichy Rs. 150, Vishakapatnam Rs. 150, Udaipur Rs. 150, Ahmedabad Rs. 121, Mangalore Rs. 150, Varanasi Rs. 150.
c) Service Tax would be additional.
4 Fare Rules:
All fares are refundable.
Fee for Refund/revalidation/re-issuance is levied as detailed under:
(i) First/Executive & Economy class( Y ) and LTC fares
(ia)On Refund – a processing fee of Rs.200 per coupon is levied.
(ib) No re-issuance and revalidation fee is applicable.
(ii) Tickets issued on fares ( under fare basis B to EAP30 ) & Link fares
(iia) On refund ,a processing fee -Rs.750 per coupon is levied.
(iib) For revalidation /re-issuance , fee of Rs.500 per coupon is levied.
5. Updated Fares as on 1st July, 2011
6. These fares are subject to Change without prior notice


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Clarification regarding reimbursement of LTC-80 fare.

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F.No. 19024/1/2009-E.IV
Ministry of Finance
Department of Expenditure
E-IV Branch

New Delhi,  dated the 4th March, 2011


Subject: Clarification regarding reimbursement of LTC-80 fare.

   The undersigned is directed to refer to this Department’s O.M. No. 7(1)/E.Coord/2008 dated 4.12.2008 regarding restriction of the Air Travel on the LTC to Air India’s LTC-80 fares with effect from 1st December,2008.

   2. References are being received in this Department seeking clarification for admissibility of LTC claims of Government officials in cases where the air fare paid for travel by Air India happens to be less than LTC-80 class of Air India. It is clarified that reimbursement of air fare lower than LTC-80 air fare of Air India will also be admissible for journeys performed by Air India under LTC as the intention is to ensure that the LTC claim should not in any case , exceed LTC-80 fare of Air India.

   3. It is further clarified that instructions issued by this Department on air travel from time to time continue to remain in force.

(A. Bhattacharya)
Under Secretary to the Govt. of India

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Central Govt. Employees, avail LTC for the block 2006-2009, Book Tickets, Time is running out..

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   This is to remind the Central employees that the Block Year 2006-2009 with grace period of 2010 is less than a month away to lapse. Those are yet to avail the chance should act NOW. The journey is to be initiated within midnight of 31stDecember 2010.

   Now the sixth pay commission made the holiday more enjoyable with 10 day’s encashment of Basic and Grade Pay with LTC. This will be available for six times in the total service life. So if you do not have ample service left, you are going to loose the same by not availing LTC for the block year.

   There are several options of traveling by air in Govt expenses to North East and Jammu and Kashmir elaborately described in earlier posts.
So hurry, act now. It may be a real Miss

Thanks to –  Paycommission update

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LTC regarding informations for Government servants

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LTC regarding informations for Government servants

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1. He should ensure that his home town is correctly indicated in his service records. Otherwise he should take action to have his home town entered therein.

2. Whenever he intends to avail of the concession under this scheme, he should inform the Controlling Officer before commencement of the journeys.

3. When he intends to avail of the concession to visit “anywhere in India” by himself or by any member(s) of his family, he should declare the intended place of visit to the Controlling Officer. The official and / or member(s) of the family must visit the place to become eligible for reimbursement of the claim.

4. If there is any change in the intended place of visit, he should intimate the same to the Controlling Officer before the commencement of the journey.

5. He should produce evidence of his having actually performed the journey, for example, serial numbers of Railway tickets, etc.

6. If he takes an advance under this scheme, he should ensure that the outward journey is commenced within 30 days from the date of grant of the advance, or refund the full advance. In case of journeys by rail, advance can be drawn sixty days before the proposed date of outward journey. In all cases, Railway/Bus tickets should be produced within ten days of drawal of the advance.

7. He should see that half the advance is refunded if the period of absence exceeds 90 days.

8. He should prefer the bills adjusting the advance taken within one month from the completion of the return journey. In all cases, the claim will stand forfeited or deemed to have been relinquished if the same is not preferred within three months of the return journey.


1. A record of all assistance granted under the scheme should be maintained. Entries should be made in the service books indicating the dates of commencement of the outward journey.

2. He should maintain, for his own convenience, a register of home town in respect of the staff under his control.

3. Relaxations of a minor nature, viz., waival of prior intimation of journey can be made by the Head of Department in genuine cases.

4. He should keep a watch over the position of outstanding advances paid up to the end of the previous month and issue necessary orders regarding recovery of advances due for adjustment.

Source: Government Employees News

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Guidelines on Air Travel on LTC – Clarifications regard to purchase of Air Tickets…

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