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Respect Indian ex-servicemen

October 21, 2011 2 comments

   Now a days its a well known issue that the ex-army or military peoples are not treated thankfully. 

Dear readers its a shame, we should feel ashamed of it. 

Here is a  picture of Army peoples providing relief during the recent Sikkim earthquake. 

Who could serve our Nation better ?

   Think well and act wisely. There are about 20 lakh ex-servicemen in the country. They are the most valuable human resources that the country can make use of.
   They even sacrifice their precious lives to safeguard the wellness of the nations people.
So help and respect such valuable gems of our nation.

Viewers Comments are encouraged. .  So don’t forget to comment below regarding this issue.


Army welfare Housing Organisation,GROUP HOUSING PROJECT @ OMR CHENNAI.

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Consolidated orders on Seniority- Fixation of Seniority of released Emergency Commissioned and Short Service Commissioned Officers of the Armed Forces -Clarification regarding consolidated instructions on seniority issued vide O.M. dated 03.07.1986.

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Government of India
Ministry of Personnel, Public Grievances & Pensions
(Department of Personnel & Training)
. . .

New Delhi, dated the 13″ April 201 1

                                          OFFICE MEMORANDUM

Subject:  Consolidated orders on Seniority- Fixation of Seniority of released  Emergency Commissioned and Short Service Commissioned  Officers of the Armed Forces -Clarification regarding consolidated  instructions on seniority issued vide O.M. dated 03.07.1986.

1.   Attention is invited to para 4.1 1 and 4.12 of this Department’s O.M. of  even number dated illh November 2010 incorporating instructions on fixation of  seniority of released Emergency Commissioned officers and Short-Service  Commissioned officers of the Armed Forces of the Union appointed against vacancies  reserved for them in both the Central Civil Services Group ‘A’ and Group ‘B’ and  Engineering and Medical Services posts. These instructions were originally circulated  vide Notification No. 9120169-Estt.(C) dated 26.08.1971 and Notification No. 9114171-  Estt.(C) dated 25.1 1.1971 and were operative for the period 29.01.1971 to 29.01.1974.  Similarly para 4.10 incorporated instruction on fixation of seniority of Civil  Government servants who are permitted to take up military service during emergency  and of Civil government servants who are members of Defence Reserve/territorial  Army/Auxiliary Air Force and are called up for military service during emergency  which were issued vide MHA O.M. No.35115163-Estt(B) dated 28.04.1965.

2.   Reference is also invited to this Department’s O.M. dated 03.07.1986 vide  which consolidated instructions on seniority were issued but the instructions on  seniority of Emergency Commissioned officers and Short-Service Commissioned  officers were not included. References are being received from various  Ministries Departments regarding determination of Seniority of released Emergency Commissioned officers and Short-Service Commissioned officers who joined after
29.01.1974. It is clarified that the instructions circulated vide Notification No. 9120169-  Estt.(C) dated 26.08.1971 and Notification No. 911417 1-Estt.(C) dated 25.1 1.1971 were  applicable to candidates who were appointed against the vacancies reserved under sub-  rule (1) of Rule 4 of the Released Emergency Commissioned Officers or Short Service  Commissioned Officers (Reservation of vacancies) Rules 1971 during the period  29.01.1971 to 29.01.1974 only. These instructions continue to be operative to regulate   pending cases of seniority, if any, of the officers who were appointed against the  vacancies reserved under the provisions of said rule. This may be brought to the notice  of all concerned for information, guidance and necessary action.

3. Hindi version will follow.
Tele: 2309 2479

Office Memorandum


Officers on Retirement- -Travel Concession (Indian Army)

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Travel and Baggage Allowance. 

   The officer proceeding on retirement/release, besides Composite Transfer Grant is entitled to free Conveyance including free conveyance of baggage for self and members of the family, personal conveyance from the last duty station to their permanent home address as recorded in official documents or to the place where they and their families are to settle down permanently even if it is other than their declared home town in India.  Similar facilities are available to the widow/family in case of death while in service.

Air Travel Concession.  

  Indian Airlines have extended 75% concession in fare for travel in domestic flights to the following categories: –         

(a)     Recipients of Level-I (PVC & AC) and Level-II (MVC & KC) Gallantry Awards.
(b)     War disabled officers and War widows of 1962, 1965, 1971 conflicts and OP Vijay are issued with Air Travel Concession Cards by MP5(B).  
(c)     War Widows of Indian Armed forces personnel killed in action Identity Cards to the war widows are issued by respective ZSB/KSB. 

Rail Travel Concession.    

    First Class/AC-2 Tier Complimentary Card Pass facility is available to the Chakra Series Gallantry Awardees and widows of posthumously Gallantry Awardees along with a companion in all Express/Mail Trains except Rajdhani and Shatabdi Express Trains. Facility to travel by Shatabdi and Rajdhani Express Trains to the awardees and widows of posthumous awardees of PVC, MVC and VrC has also been extended. 75% concession for travel in 2nd Class Mail/Express Trains is available to the war widows. Complimentary Cards are issued by Divisional Railway Manager and Headquarters Officer of Indian Railways and identity Cards to the War Widows are issued by respective ZSBs/KSB.

The pass will be issued by the Office of the Divisional Railway Manager and Headquarters Office of the Railways on receipt of application on plain paper from the recipient of the Gallantry Award or the Widow of the posthumous winner of Gallantry Award giving the following details: –  
(a)     Name of the recipient of Gallantry Award (in block letters).  
(b)     Residential Address.
(c)     Attested photocopy of the citation/Gazetted/Notification of the Gallantry Award.
   In case of widow of posthumous winner of Gallantry Award, attested copy of Pension Payment Order (PPO) would also be enclosed along with photocopy of the identity card issued by the Zila Sainik Board/Rajya Sainik Board.  Two copies of recent passport size photographs of the recipient of such awards or the Widows of the posthumous Awardees as the case may be (attested by a Gazetted Officer) would also be enclosed with the application.  All War Widows are entitled to 75% Rail Travel Concession in second class.


Officers on Retirement – Pension and Gratuity.(Indian Army)

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Retiring Pension – Qualifying Service.     

   Retiring Pension is granted on completing a minimum qualifying service of 20 years (15 years in case of late entrant). The weightage element is an inbuilt factor of the pension and it is meant to compensate comparatively early retiring age. Maximum pension is admissible if actual service or actual service including  weightage is 33 years. For lesser service, pension is correspondingly depressed. Weightage is not taken into account to make up 20 years of service. For less than 20 but more than 10 years of service, Retiring Gratuity may be admissible.
Calculation of Pension.    

   It is calculated @ 50% of the average reckonable emoluments drawn during last 10 months of service before retirement for a maximum service of 33 years. Where the actual service plus appropriate weightage is less than 33 years, pension is proportionately reduced.

Formula for calculation of service pension : –

         = Average RE for last 10 months   Actual Q.S + Weightage
                          2                                            33  

where reckonable emoluments = (Basic Pay + Rank Pay + NPA wherever admissible) + 50%DA.   

Note :   
   On punishment of forfeiture for past service by a court martial, the past service along with weightage admissible for the rank will be first restricted to a maximum pensionable service of 33 years and then the penalty of forfeiture of past service for pension deducted therefrom.

Rank Weightage in Years
(a) Service Officers (other than MNS)
(i) Lt/Captain 9
(ii) Maj 8
(iii) Lt Col(TS) 5
(iv) Lt Col(S)/Col 7
(v) Brig 5
(vi) Maj Gen and above 3
(b) MNS Officer
(i) Captain 7
(ii) Major 6
(iii) Lt Col/Col/Brig 5
(iv) Maj Gen 3

Weightage is reckoned only where the officer has completed 20 years of service.

Commutation  of Pension.    

    A maximum of 43% of pension can be commuted (See Annexure 1 to Appendix A).  The commuted value of pension is calculated on the basis of an officer’s age on next birthday, which falls after the date of retirement. 

   The specimen for application for retiring pension and commutation is at Appendix ‘A’  It is to be sent by the Officer to CDA (O), Archives Section, Pune, atleast 4 months in advance of his retirement. CDA (O), Pune, transmit the same to PCDA (P), Allahabad, for issuing Pension Payment Order to the banker with a copy to the Officer.   

Retirement Gratuity.     

   Officers who have put in a minimum of 5 years qualifying service and are eligible for service pension/invalid gratuity or pension of any type are entitled for Retirement Gratuity.  It is paid at the rate of one fourth of the emoluments last drawn for every six months of completed service, subject to a maximum of sixteen and half months pay, or Rs 3.5 lakhs whichever is less.  A uniform weightage of 5 years is added to actual qualifying service.subject to the total not exceeding 33 years.  Emoluments mean Pay, Rank Pay and NPA (where admissible).   
   No separate application is required. (See Appendix ‘A’). 

Invalid Pension/Gratuity.  

      An officer invalidated out of service for causes, which are neither attributable nor aggravated by service is granted invalid pension/gratuity.  If the service is less than 10 years at the time of invalidment, only invalidment gratuity is paid.  Invalid pension is equal to the service element of the disability pension and is calculated in the same manner as Retiring Pension.   

Disability Pension.    

   The officer who retires/is invalided out, for a disability which is accepted as attributable to or aggravated by military service, is entitled to disability pension consisting of Service element and disability element. Disability element will be granted/continued if disability is assessed at 20% or more.  Service element will continue to be paid subsequently irrespective of the percentage of disability.  Officers who proceed on voluntary retirement at their own request except for the purpose of availing higher value of Commutation of Pension and that too one month before actual date of retirement, are not eligible for Disability Pension. Disability Pension consists of disability and service elements as defined below: – 
(a)     Disability Element. Rs 2600/- is granted for 100% disability and it is proportionately reduced for disability upto 20%.

(b)     Service Element.    It consists of pension for service actually rendered and weightage.

Note.     The benefit of merger of 50% dearness relief with basic pension will also be applicable on both service and disability elements separately to those Armed Forces pensioners who are in receipt of disability pension/war injury pension/special family pension/liberalized family pension on or after 01.04.2004.

Compensation in Lieu of Disability Element

    An officer with disability, attributable to or aggravated by service, and assessed at 20% or more for life but retained in service is paid compensation in lump sum (in lieu of the disability element) equal to the capitalized value of disability element.  For this purpose the rank for disability element is the rank held at the time of onset of the disability and age on next birthday is reckoned with reference to the date of onset of disability with loading to age, if any, recommended by the Medical Board.  Once compensation is paid in lieu of the disability element, there is no further entitlement to the disability element for the same disability.  Such disability is not counted for grant of pensionary benefit or relief. 

Disability Element on Invalidment.   

     Where an Armed Forces Personnel is invalided out, the extent of disability of functional incapacity shall be determined in the following manner for the purpose of computing the disability element : –

Percentage of disability as assessed by invaliding medical board
Percentage to be reckoned for computing of disability element
Less than 50
Between 50 and 75
Between 76 and 100

Lump-Sum Compensation in Lieu of War Injury Pension.

(a)     Armed Forces personnel who are retained in service despite disability due to war injury for life and retire subsequently can opt for compensation in lump sum in lieu of War Injury Element or for drawal of War Injury element of War injury pension on final retirement.  This provision is applicable to cases occurring on or after 01 Jan 86.  With effect from 01 Jan 96, the existing rates for calculation of lump-sum compensation in lieu of war injury pension for 100% disability for life are as under: –   

Commissioned Officers and Hony Commissioned Officers
– Rs 5200/-PM
Junior Commissioned Officers
– Rs 3800/-PM 
Other Ranks/NCs (E)
– Rs 3100/-PM
(b)     For disability due to war injury of less than 100% the rates shall be proportionately reduced.  The one time compensation in lump sum in lieu of War Injury element for the actual percentage of the disability at the appropriate rate mentioned above.   For this purpose, the rank shall be the rank held at the time of injury sustained by the individual due to war.  Age next birth day will be reckoned with reference to the date of onset of disability with loading to age, if any, recommended by the competent Medical Board.
(c)     Compensation in lieu of war injury element will be payable provided the degree of disablement is equal to or more than 20%. Once the compensation in lieu of War injury element due to disability for life has been addl, there shall be no further entitlement on account of such a disability at the time or retirement/discharge from the Armed Forces. Since this is one time payment on account of compensation, no restoration will be permitted.
War Injury Pension 
    Admissible when injury has taken place during action against extremists, terrorists, and antisocial elements, in war or war like operations.  In cases of Invalidment on account of war injury, he/she shall be entitled to War Injury Pension consisting of service element and War Injury element as follows: –

(a) Service Element.   

  Equal to Retiring/Service Pension to which he/she would have been entitled on the basis of his/her pay on the date of Invalidment but counting service up to the date on which he/she would have retired in that rank in normal course including weightage as admissible.  There shall be no condition of minimum qualifying service for earning this element.

(b)  War Injury Element.   
    Equal to reckonable emolument last drawn for 100% disablement. However, in no case the aggregate of Service element and War Injury element should exceed last pay drawn.  For lower percentage of disablement, War Injury element shall be proportionately reduced.  Provisions contained in Para 12 above shall equally apply to individuals invalided out on account of disability due to war injury. 
Constant Attendance Allowance.     
  A Constant Attendance Allowance at the rate of Rs. 600/- pm may be granted to an officer who is awarded a disability pension for 100% disablement, if in the opinion of the IMB/RMB/RSMB, the officer needs the services of a Constant Attendant for at least a period of three months, and the necessity arises solely from the conditions of accepted disability /disabilities.
Consideration of claims for Disability Pension/War Injury Pension. 

     No formal application is required for grant of Disability Pension/War Injury Pension. On receipt of Invalidment/Release Medical Board proceedings, the Min of Def determines whether the disability is attributable to or aggravated by service.  The Govt. decision regarding attributability is conveyed to the PCDA (P), Allahabad, (under advice to the individual) to sanction payment of Disability Pension/War Injury Pension, if admissible.



Facilities and allowances to Disabled on Duty and War Widows

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   The Government has received representations from the personnel disabled on duty and war widows/dependents regarding the facilities and allowances.

These mostly pertain to the following categories:- 
(i) Grant of Disability element of pension to pre January 01, 2006 retirees on percentage basis as entitled to post January 01, 2006 disability pensioners.

(ii) Grant of disability element to pre 2006 premature retirees at par with post 2006 premature retirees. 
(iii) Grant of modified parity to pre January 01, 2006 war widows/dependents in special/liberalized family pension as granted to pre January 01, 2006 ordinary family pensioners. 

   Representations are redressed in consultation with the respective Records and concerned wings of the Government. However, recently benefit of broadbanding to pre January 01, 1996 disability/war injury pensioners has been allowed. Cap which stipulated that aggregate of service element and war injury element should not exceed reckonable element last drawn, has also been removed. 

   This information was given by Minister of State in the Ministry of Defence Shri MM Pallam Raju in a written reply to Shri Mahendra mohan in Rajya Sabha today. 

Source – PIB

Vacancy in Armed force

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   No discernible decreasing trend in the number of officers in Army has been observed. In Army, sanctioned strength of officers is 47,864 with a shortage of 12,510. 

   The shortage of officers in the Armed Forces is partly attributable to accretions from time to time, tough selection procedures, difficult service conditions coupled with perceived high degree of risk involved in service career. 

   Measures have been taken on an ongoing basis to reduce shortages in the officers’ cadre. In this regard, a number of steps have been taken to attract the talented youth to join the Armed Forces. All officers including those in Short Service Commission (SSC) are now eligible to hold substantive rank of Caption, Major and Lieutenant colonel after 2, 6 and 13 years of reckonable service respectively. The tenure of SSC officers has been increased from 10 years to 14 years. A total number of 750 posts of Lt. Colonel have been upgraded to colonel towards implementation of AV Singh committee Report (Phase-I). Further, 1896 additional posts in the ranks of Colonel, Brigadier, Major General and Lieutenant General and their equivalents in the other two Services have been upgraded towards implementation of AV Singh Committee Report (Phase-II). The implementation of recommendations of the VI Central Pay Commission with substantial improvement in the pay structure of officers of Armed Forces has made the Services more attractive. 

   The Armed Forces have also undertaken sustained image projection and publicity campaign to create awareness among the youth on the advantages of taking up a challenging and satisfying career. Awareness campaigns, participation in career fairs and exhibition, advertisements in print and electronic media, motivational lectures in schools, colleges are also some of the other measures in this direction. 

   This information was given by Defence Minister Shri AK Antony in a written reply to Miss Anusuiya Uikay in Rajya Sabha today. 

Source- PIB
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